Post Storm Services

Young Carpentry And Home Maintenance - 30 A - Seaside - Santa Rosa Beach - Post Storm Services - Damage Assessment - Home Monitoring

In the immediate aftermath of a hurricane, your safety is most important. Use caution when making an assessment for damaging to your home and property. Many areas will have down power lines, flooding and much debris.

Contact Nick with Young Carpentry and Home Maintenance to help with the following and more:

  • Contact your electric company if there are any emergency hazards, such as down power lines.
  • If your doors or windows have been damaged, continually monitor your home until the property is secure.
  • If this is your second home and you are not in town, make sure you have a home inspector like us monitor your home and contact you with a damage update.

Young Carpentry Home Maintenance Full Damage Assessment:

  • Broken windows
  • Missing/Damaged Roof
  • Roof Leaks (Check attic for leaks)
  • A/C Equipment
  • Damaged Doors
  • Damaged Well/Pool Equipment
  • Damage to Screen Doors/Porches
  • Landscape Damage (Down trees/shrubs, lawn décor, etc.)
  • Interior Window/Door Leaks
  • Electrical Safety Inspection

Whether you are in your home or away after a hurricane, Young Carpentry and Home Maintenance will gladly help you assess the damage to your home and property, then take care of all the repairs and maintenance. Contact Nick for further information.